Road Less Traveled


This tour can also be combined with visit to Petra and Wadi Rum


Tour:  Humayma  through Wadi Araba Desert to Samar Taybeh

Amazing Desert Tour of the “Road Less Traveled”. 

This tour can also be combined with visit to Petra and Wadi Rum


 Note: Animals are available any day for your travels, let your guide know and it will be arranged. Price not included


Day 1:
Amman  to Humayma Pick up in Amman at 7:30 AM, for the drive southwards to Humayma, We will begin trekking through the open desert to the canyons, Landscapes continuously changing; deep wadis, red dunes, sandstone boulders and peaks in various colors, its amazing. We will stop for lunch at the dunes. Afterwards we will continue on through the sand dunes of Regana, where we will camp for the night.  Relax and enjoy this majestic sunset. Dinner is prepared . (6 hour walk including lunch and break)
Day 2: 
Day 2: Regana to Um Shazah After breakfast we continue our journey through the beautiful ever changing landscapes of Regana.Traveling through the Um ad Hamamah area. We break for lunch at the red sand desert.After lunch we trek to the mountain area of Um Shazah We set our camp here for the night. Dinner is prepared. (7 hour walk including lunch and break)
Day 3:
Um Shazah to Jorf Hammar Following our breakfast, we begin our trek from Um Shazah through the mountain to the pass and into the clearing. Here we see the astounding rose red sandstone mountains of Petra, we enjoy the canyons where we see traces of the ancient Edomite civilization.Trekking to the Jorf Hammar area we make our camp for the night.  Dinner is prepared. (7.0 hours, including lunch, and breaks)
Day 4:
Jorf Hammar to Samar Taybeh  This day we travel from Jorf Hammar basin between the orange mountains and the golden dunes.Breathtaking landscapes rarely seen. We are in the valley of the Petra mountain ridge.  We continue and have lunch, then trek to the Samar Taybeh area where we set up camp.This is our last night of camping. Make sure to see the sunset.  (6.5 hours including lunch & breaks)
Day 5:
Samar Taybeh to Bir Mathur Rest House The sunrise is more than words can describe. After our breakfast we trek through  the dunes of Bir Mathur, travel to the Bir Mathur   Rest House. Pickup and transfer point to travel back to Amman. Lunch is provided.